8 Astonishing Myths and Facts about Teeth Whitening

8 Astonishing Myths and Facts about Teeth Whitening

Sep 01, 2020

Modern dentistry has made it easy to achieve pearly white smiles we see with movie stars and artists. However, some people are not sure about the means used to achieve them, and there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic. Today, we separate myths from facts to help you make an informed decision about Teeth Whitening near you.

FACT #1: White Teeth Does Not Mean Healthy Teeth

Not all white teeth are indeed healthy. The natural colour of teeth varies in lightness, and it does change as we get old. There are some people with heavily stained teeth, but they’re perfectly healthy.

Then there some people with perfectly white teeth, and they have underlying oral infections. Dental infections and the colour of your teeth do not correlate. That’s why it is essential to visit your dentist routinely for exams and cleanings.

FACT #2: Teeth Whitening and Teeth Cleaning are Different Procedures

Many people tend to think these two procedures are the same, but that’s not the case. However, there is a relationship between the two. Before whitening, the dentist will most probably clean your teeth first. Teeth cleaning can eliminate some stains, but sometimes whitening is necessary to get rid of all stains. Your dentist will explain in detail the differences between these two procedures.

FACT #3: In-office Whitening can be Painless

Some people fear getting their teeth whitened through ZOOM Teeth Whitening because they believe it is painful. However, that’s not the case. The whole procedure is painless, and the only discomfort you can expect is slightly increased sensitivity after the procedure. The sensitivity should be gone after a few days. If you experience any irritations, talk to your dentist ASAP.

FACT #4: Teeth Whitening Is Not for Children

Most people think that Teeth Whitening is not recommended for children, and they are right. Children’s teeth may get discoloured due to several reasons, including the use of particular medications and poor oral health. However, it is not wise to whiten developing teeth. Just wait until your child has developed permanent teeth, and you can think about whitening. Your pediatric dentist will advise you accordingly on this matter.

MYTH #1: Teeth Whitening will Make Your Teeth Seem Unnatural

Some people have been led to believe that Teeth Whitening makes teeth look unnatural, but that’s not the case. The dentist controls the whitening results in such a way that the teeth look as natural as possible.

If you use home whitening kits such as Hismile, your dentist will guide you accordingly to ensure that the result is natural and admirable.

MYTH #2: Professional Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth

Some people believe that Teeth Whitening damages the enamel, and that’s why they prefer staying with stained teeth than trying this cosmetic procedure. If you have seen a person who has tried Teeth Whitening, you already know the procedure is safe.

Trust a professional and follow the instructions if you are using home whitening kits. Also, be aware of unproven home Teeth Whitening techniques and avoid them. Some of these methods can damage your enamel and dentin.

MYTH #3: You can Whiten Veneers and Crowns

Some people have been lead to believe that restorations such as dental crowns, dental veneers and dental implants can be whitened. However, that is not possible. Materials used to make these restorations (ceramic, porcelain, and resin) do not respond to whitening products.

Therefore, if you’re planning to get a restoration, first whiten your teeth, then get one. That way, the restorations will be matched with the new colour of your teeth.

MYTH #4: You can Use Charcoal to Whiten Your Teeth

This myth is probably the most common. It has been so promoted that many people think it is a fact. However, there is no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of active charcoal in Teeth Whitening.

Moreover, overuse of activated charcoal can lead to erosion of one’s teeth. If you have to use home whitening techniques, get your information from reputable sources. Additionally, you can use home whitening kits under the guidance of a dentist.

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