Dental Crowns Can Give You a Natural Appearance That Does Not Detract You from Your Smile

Dental Crowns Can Give You a Natural Appearance That Does Not Detract You from Your Smile

Mar 01, 2020

A Dental crown is a cover for a damaged tooth. Crowns can be made from different types of materials including porcelain or metal.

You can have a crown on a molar that is rarely visible except when you open your mouth widely for any reason. You can also have crowns on your front teeth that are custom made to match your other teeth. You need to consider several factors when choosing a crown which includes the cost, the strength, and the durability of the crown. You can discuss various options with your dentist to figure out what meets your needs the best.

Why Would You Need a Crown?

Crowns are generally recommended after you have undergone a root canal on the tooth. The root canal procedure would have made your tooth fragile to need the additional protection offered by a crown. You can also be a candidate for a crown if you have a missing tooth and the dentist needs to put a dental bridge or a tooth implant. Severely worn down, cracked, or weakened teeth will also require crowns.

Types of Dental Crowns

When making crowns different types of materials are used including ceramic, porcelain, metal, zirconia, composite resin, and a combination of materials. For example, you could have a porcelain crown fused to metal instead of an all-porcelain crown depending on the location the crown has been chosen for.

When offering you the material for your crown the dentist will consider different factors like:

  • The location of the tooth.
  • How much of the tooth will be visible when you smile.
  • The position of your gum tissue.
  • The function of the tooth needing the crown.
  • The amount of natural tooth remaining.
  • The color of the surrounding teeth.

You can also discuss it with your dentist if you have any personal preferences in mind.

Temporary Crowns

A temporary crown is precisely what it sounds like and will remain in your mouth only for a short period. Your dentist will be placing it over the tooth with an adhesive that can be removed easily thereby ensuring it will not be as strong as a permanent crown. Temporary crowns are usually provided when you are waiting for your permanent crown to be developed. The permanent crown will be placed over your tooth during the second appointment.

Same-Day Crowns Are Also Available

Dentists that have the equipment can also provide you same-day crowns in a single appointment. Your new crown will be designed and milled from a block of ceramic in the dentist’s office.

The Costs of Dental Crowns

The material chosen for the crown and the size of the tooth will determine the price of a dental crown which could be between $ 800-$ 1500. A metal crown made from gold can set you back by approximately $ 2500. All-metal crowns made from a metal alloy can sometimes be available at prices less than gold or porcelain crowns. Dental insurance companies may cover all or part of the costs but may only offer coverage to certain types of crowns.

The Procedure for Having Dental Crowns

The process will depend on whether your dentist to conduct a same-day procedure or the multi-day option.

If you need a traditional dental crown you must schedule multiple visits to the dentist’s office.

During the first visit, your dentist will examine and prepare the tooth that needs the crown to take x-rays of the tooth. They may also take impressions or molds of your mouth beforehand. Your tooth will also be filed down by the dentist to remove a part of the outer layer before taking another impression of the trimmed tooth and the surrounding teeth to be sent to the dental laboratory for making the crown which may take several weeks. The dentist will provide you a tooth cap in the form of a temporary crown until the permanent crowns are returned by the dental laboratory.

Choosing a dental crown suitable for you must be discussed with your dentist because you may have to consider a zirconia crown if you are allergic to metals and trying to have metal as a tooth crown on your front teeth will also affect aesthetic’s. Therefore it is suggested that you visit an experienced dental professional such as the Burlington dentist in Woodview Family Dentistry who will be able to guide you properly to ensure you make the right choices for the type of crowns you need in your mouth.

Dental crowns despite being a cosmetic procedure can change your appearance the way your smile. Therefore it is necessary for you to make an informed decision after considering the suggestions provided in this article for your benefit.

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