Robin Office Manager

Robin Douglas is our ever friendly, warm, and helpful treatment coordinator. An exceptional multitasker with outstanding organizational skills, Robin spent her early years in Hamilton, Ontario. She later attended McMaster University, where she majored in Humanities.

Robin is driven by the need to continually challenge and push herself out of the comfort zone. She was motivated to be a part of our community because of the great diversity and culture and the numerous opportunities to interact with and help all kinds of people.

She enjoys coming to work every day because it’s an opportunity to interact and build trust and lasting relationships with patients. Robin believes that overall health can be achieved by nurturing the mind, the soul and creating self-awareness and inner peace. Robin views dentistry as a golden chance to positively impact other people’s lives while also learning and challenging herself every day.

Robin is a mother to two grown children—Taylor Johnson, a lawyer and alumnus of McMaster University and the University of Ottawa, and Rebecca Johnson, an alumnus of Guelph University and McGill University, currently working towards her Ph.D. in Art History. She rightfully considers motherhood to be her claim to fame.

Robin is also a proud parent to many pets, including one dog, a 14-year-old Chihuahua named Coco, who was rescued from a high kill shelter in the US and later brought to Canada; four adventurous cats, Carl, Stanley, Phoebe, and Athena; and one gecko named Dragon.

When she’s not coordinating treatment at Woodview Family Dentistry, Robin enjoys reading, writing to her pen pals all across the world, relaxing her mind and body with a yoga session, and catching up on her favorite shows on Netflix. She also finds joy when gardening and spending time with her family.

Robin is also passionate about volunteering her time and resources to community projects, donating to animal shelters, and lending a helping hand to neighbors in need.

If you need to schedule an appointment at Woodview Family Dentistry or require any form of assistance during your time with us, rest assured that Robin will go out of her way to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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