Dental Bridges in Burlington, ON

Whether you already have a dental bridge, or you’re getting one soon, you need to know how it’ll affect your life after. Some dental treatments like dentures need to be taken out each day for cleaning. Dental bridges aren’t removable, but they still need regular maintenance to extend their lives.

Neglecting your dental bridge will mean you’ll need a replacement within a few years, and that’s something you and we at Woodview Family Dentistry in Burlington, ON don’t want. The longer you can keep your dental bridge, the better.

How a Dental Bridge Gets Damaged

The idea behind a dental bridge is that the restorative fake tooth is held in its location through its neighboring teeth. The teeth adjacent to the space are fitted with crowns and are used to hold the bridge in place.

When these teeth become weak, fragile, or start to decay, the support they provide becomes unreliable. Ultimately, the bridge might fall or become unstable. Making sure the teeth with the crowns are healthy is the best way to prolong the life of a dental bridge.

Extending the Life of Your Dental Bridge in Burlington, ON

Brushing your teeth is the first on our list here at Burlington, ON. You need to brush your teeth twice a day with toothpaste. We’re not just talking about brushing the area with the bridge; you need to do a good job brushing all your teeth.

Flossing once per day is also highly recommended. You need to floss between all of your teeth, including under the bridge. People shy away from getting the floss under the restorative teeth thinking they might damage it. We’re here to tell you to go ahead as flossing will keep the area behind the bridge and the adjacent teeth clean and help remove trapped particles of food.

As for your diet, try to stick to healthy food rich in fibers like fruits and vegetables.

Visit us here at Woodview Family Dentistry twice a year, or more if indicated, so we can examine and clean your oral cavity. Regular cleanings will help prevent any oral infections and plaque build-up.

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