Fluoride Treatment in Burlington, ON

Get the Added Boost of a Fluoride Treatment for a Healthier Smile

There’s a reason that fluoride is one of the most advertised active ingredients in oral healthcare products. This naturally occurring mineral has been endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA) as one of the best things you can use to protect teeth from cavities.

But did you know that the ADA also recommends a professional fluoride treatment from a dentist near you such as Woodview Family Dentistry every three to twelve months – depending on your oral health – to further reduce your risk of cavities?

Our dental care team at Woodview Family Dentistry can provide this added protection for our patients like you in the greater Burlington, ON area in one simple appointment. In fact, when you visit us for your professional tooth cleaning in Burlington, ON, our dental hygienist will include a fluoride treatment as a part of your routine visit.

Keep in mind, however, that there may be instances when an additional fluoride treatment may be needed to boost your protection against tooth decay. If you’ve recently noticed that your teeth are more sensitive than they have been, that might be a signal that added fluoride protection is needed.

There is Nothing as Strong as a Professional Fluoride Treatment from Woodview Family Dentistry

Before you fall prey to retail advertising and start to believe that over-the-counter fluoride pastes, rinses, and gels can perform to the same degree as a professional fluoride treatment in Burlington, ON, remember that there are no products available for retail purchase that can match the strength and efficacy as those used in our office.

For this reason, if saving your smile is something that matters to you, you probably should not try to take any shortcuts in defending it. A professional fluoride treatment in Burlington, ON, especially with the advanced products used here at Woodview Family Dentistry, is more efficient than anything available for individual purchase.

Fluoride Treatments Can Help Treat Tooth Sensitivity After Using At-Home Bleaching Products

A growing concern that dentists are noticing is increased tooth sensitivity in patients that used over-the-counter teeth whitening or bleaching products. For this reason, it’s always recommended that you book an appointment with a fluoride treatment dentist near you in Burlington, ON like Woodview Family Dentistry for professional teeth whitening so the levels of bleach can be more closely monitored, and fluoride used post-treatment to help prevent tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth have suddenly become sensitive either from using bleaching materials that were not prescribed by a dentist or for reasons that you’d like diagnosed, we invite you to make an appointment today with Woodview Family Dentistry for a fluoride treatment.

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