Oral Cancer Screening in Burlington, ON

Oral cancer classifies as the sixth most common form of cancer in the United States. Generally, men are affected by oral cancer more than women. Moreover, you’re at an increased risk for oral cancer if you use either smokeless tobacco or cigarettes or if you drink.

While you may prevent oral cancer by avoiding alcohol and tobacco, you can’t completely eliminate your risk. Our dentist at Woodview Family Dentistry recommends you receive a regular oral cancer screening in Burlington, ON to diagnose oral cancer early.

What Happens at an Oral Cancer Screening Near You

During an oral cancer screening in Burlington, ON, our dentist evaluates the inside of your mouth to look for visible red or white lesions. Our dentist will also look to see if you have lumps or any other signs of oral cancer. In addition, part of your examination includes our dentist feeling inside of your mouth to look for cancer. If our dentist detects any abnormalities during an oral cancer screening near you, the only way to tell if a spot is cancerous is to have a biopsy.

Our dentist may use one of two tests to detect mouth cancer. One is an oral exam that uses a special dye. This oral cancer screening near you consists of our dentist giving you a blue-dye rinse. Abnormal cells in your mouth show up as blue. The other type of oral cancer screening in Burlington, ON is a test that consists of our dentist shining a light in your mouth. All healthy tissue shows up as a dark color while the abnormal tissue looks white.

If you have any signs that you have cancerous cells, our dentist may perform a biopsy. This test is comprised of our dentist removing a portion of the cells and examining them under a microscope to look for abnormalities. In some cases, our dentist may refer you to a specialist for further testing.

Why Get an Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening near you may help detect cancer before it spreads to other portions of your body. Once it spreads, it’s more difficult to treat. Our dentist genuinely encourages patients to get tested early to prevent complications in the future.

Schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening near you from Woodview Family Dentistry, serving Burlington, ON and the surrounding region, today.

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