Teeth Whitening in Burlington, ON

Not all the models in magazines use photo manipulation to get their pearly whites that vibrant. Routine dental exam and cleanings, along with dental-grade teeth whitening procedures, decrease the prevalence of staining and help people achieve a radiant smile.

Whiter teeth give you a more youthful appearance, and the process is noninvasive and relatively quick. In fact, teeth whitening from Woodview Family Dentistry, located in Burlington, ON, is a simple, in-house procedure using powerful whitening agents that can reduce staining and give you the white teeth you desire in as little as one visit.

How Does Teeth Whitening in Burlington, ON Work

The foods you consume and the beverages you drink stain your teeth over time. Some of the main culprits include red wine, tomato sauce, coffee, and tea. Not to mention, if you smoke, the tar in cigarettes yellows or darkens your teeth. Not receiving routine dental cleanings allows stains to accumulate as well.

A dentist near you can improve the color of your teeth using teeth whitening. Our dentist applies a gel containing peroxide on your teeth. The bleaching power of it is greater than the teeth whitening agents found in stores.

Sometimes, a dentist will put the gel into a dental guard first. The gel remains on your teeth throughout your visit. Then, the dentist may use a special light or laser to activate the gel and further enhance the results of your teeth whitening in Burlington, ON.

After your procedure, our dentist removes the gel from your teeth. The entire teeth whitening process takes about 30 minutes. You may need up to three treatments to see full results, depending on the degree of your staining.

Safety of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a relatively safe procedure for most people. The patients who do experience problems may have temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Before your procedure, a dentist near you examines your teeth and gums to ensure teeth whitening is safe for you. Any necessary dental procedures, like applying fillings, are performed first. Our practitioner may also apply a protective coating to your gums if you have receding or already-irritated gums.

Schedule an appointment with a dentist near you to improve your smile through teeth whitening in Burlington, ON by contacting Woodview Family Dentistry today.

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