TMJ Treatment Is Best Availed from a TMJ Specialist near You

TMJ Treatment Is Best Availed from a TMJ Specialist near You

Nov 01, 2020

Do you experience unexplained tenderness in your jaw, headaches, or facial pain? In such cases, instead of ignoring the problem, it would be helpful if you seek TMJ pain treatment to relieve yourselves from the discomfort. The temporomandibular joints are responsible for working the muscles, bones, and ligaments of your jaw, allowing you to speak and chew. Some lifestyle factors make these everyday activities unbearable or impossible.

It will not be challenging for you to find a dentist offering TMJ treatment. However, it is incredibly essential to obtain the treatment from a TMJ specialist near you. You must trust your teeth and gums to an adequately trained dentist with experience who can help to find relief from your symptoms safely. How do you decide where you can access TMJ treatment in Burlington, ON, to ensure you receive the best treatment and care? Continue reading to understand more about receiving quality TMJ treatment.

Look for a Dental Facility Using Advanced Technology

All dentists can provide TMJ treatment, but not many have invested in advanced technology that can help them accurately diagnose and treat your condition. It will help if you search for Woodview family dentistry that performs a thorough dental exam with 3D dental cone beam imaging. Modern dental technology allows dentists to obtain a single scan dental x-rays to take 3D images of your gums, teeth, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. The imaging helps the TMJ dentist to identify the problem you are confronting and treat the issue effectively.

The TMJ Specialist Must Offer Various Treatments

TMJ treatments cannot be classified into the one size fits all category. Your chosen TMJ specialist must provide a treatment plan to fit your specific needs. To achieve their aim, the dentist must offer options to treat the pain and its underlying cause. You can be sure you have chosen the right TMJ pain specialist if they are offering the following:

  • Custom Mouth Guards. Mouthguards are routinely used to help patients find relief from bruxism and safeguard the teeth from sporting activities. Custom-made mouthguards can help alleviate TMJ pain while also protecting your teeth and gums. You even benefit from sleeping soundly with custom made mouthguards. Your dentist takes impressions of your teeth to develop the mouthguard to ensure it fits you correctly.

  • Botox Injections. If the TMJ specialist discovers your TMJ pain results from bruxism, they may recommend Botox injections to relax your jaw muscles. The injections help to stop the issue of bruxism and alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

  • Transparent Aligners. You may be experiencing TMJ pain because of the crooked or misaligned teeth in your mouth. In such cases, the TMJ specialist recommends transparent aligners to straighten your teeth for providing you relief from the problem.

TMJ Specialists Must Offer Comprehensive Treatments

Merely providing clinically available treatments may not help to alleviate the pain you experience. Finding a TMJ specialist near you proves beneficial because the professional also provides instructions for home remedies against TMJ disorders. If you are looking for quick relief and appropriate management of TMJ symptoms, the specialist will encourage you to try the following:

  1. You must eat soft foods by cutting the foods into smaller pieces.

  2. Use a hot or cold compress on painful areas of your jaw.

  3. Massage your jaw muscles and use over-the-counter painkillers for relief.

  4. Sleep on your sides, keeping a pillow between your neck and shoulder.

  5. You can try slow breathing exercises, gentle yoga, and meditation to find relief from the problem.

TMJ pain usually disappears by itself in most cases. However, it can impact your quality of life if you experience persistent pain in the jaw when performing everyday activities. It will be essential for you to seek treatment from a dentist offering TMJ treatment in such cases. As mentioned earlier, many dentists provide TMJ therapy. Still, if you find a specialist located near you, it will be convenient for you to proceed with the treatment confidently, knowing full well that help is at hand just an arm’s distance away.

Invest some time to research for an excellent TMJ pain treatment specialist. After you are diagnosed using the latest in dental technology, the specialist provides you a treatment not just with medications but also with advice on lifestyle changes. The comprehensive treatment will help you to overcome the TMJ problem affecting you.

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